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Phosphatidylserine Reduces Cortisol Levels and Increases Endurance Under Stress

Flavay Plus® with phosphatidylserine significantly improves endurance, cortisol levels, muscle soreness and a perception of well-being after exercise. (121,144,145)

A number of double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials show how phosphatidylserine can prevent and improve exercise-induced cortisol levels and other markers related to hard training.

Chart of phosphatidylserine in Flavay Plus results in a measurably better perception of well-being after exercise.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® results in a measurably better perception of well-being after exercise. (121)

Chart shows phosphatidylserine in Flavay Plus can significantly improve muscle soreness in athletes.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® can significantly improve muscle soreness in soccer players. (259)

Chart shows phosphatidylserine in Flavay Plus can significantly improve muscle soreness in weight-training athletes.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® can significantly improve muscle soreness in weight-training. (121,144,145)

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study at California State University investigated the effects of phosphatidylserine on hormone levels, muscle soreness and feelings of well-being in experienced weight-trained athletes. The program was designed to over-train the athletes. Subjects were instructed to train as hard as possible four days a week each during a two-week training period, and to use as much weight as possible for each exercise. After a three-week washout phase, the same athletes switched treatments and repeated the workout program for another two weeks.

Subjective perception of well-being and muscle soreness (considered the most reliable markers of over-training) were analyzed. The athletes had considerably less muscle soreness when taking phosphatidylserine than when taking the placebo.

Athlete's perception of well-being results in a profound influence in competitive spirit and performance. Subjects taking phosphatidylserine had a measurably better perception of well-being, particularly after the first week of training.

Following intense weight-training, cortisol was significantly lower in subjects taking phosphatidylserine in Flavay Plus®. (121,144,145)

Reduced Muscle Damage

(PS) in Flavay Plus® can significantly lower creatine kinase (CK) levels 24 hours after exercise—showing reduced muscle damage. (120,228)

A double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study conducted at St. Cloud State University showed that phosphatidylserine significantly lowered creatine kinase (CK) levels 24 hours after exercise. (Creatine kinase is an indicator of skeletal muscle damage after exercise.) After 15 days of taking either phosphatidylserine or a placebo, 12 trained runners performed a 90-minute run. Intense exercise will cause an increase in plasma and serum CK levels. The results showed phosphatidylserine significantly reduced CK levels, an indicator of reduced muscle damage, compared to the placebo. (120,228)

Mean creatine kinase significantly less with 600 mg PS was 98.1 U/L and 300 mg PS was 87,7 U/L, compared to placebo at 247.8 U/L.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® can significantly reduce creatine kinase levels, an indicator of muscle damage. (120,228)

Muscle Regeneration

Phosphatidylserine plays a role in regeneration of muscles following injury. Researchers found phosphatidylserine binds to an endogenous muscle receptor, BAI1, for myogenesis. Exposure to phosphatidylserine (found in the inner layer of membraned bilayers) is a normal part of apoptosis. It appears that phosphatidylserine supplementation may activate the muscle receptor BAI1, triggering further muscle buildup. (333)

Another study found that exposure of muscle cells to phosphatidylserine results in an increase in activation of the signaling molecule mTor. Activation of mTor is known to play a key role in muscle growth and muscle strength. Thus, phosphatidylserine appears to play a role in increased muscle size and strength. More studies are needed to confirm these findings. (334)

Increase Endurance and Time to Exhaustion

Chart shows phosphatidylserine in Flavay Plus can significantly increase time to exhaustion, up to 30 percent more time in cycling exercise.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® can significantly increase time to exhaustion in cycling. (258)

A double-blind, placebo controlled study using 14 healthy and trained male athletes underwent cycling exercise prior to and following the supplementation period. Endurance was measured using a cycle ergometer at 85% VO2 max. After ten days, the group taking phosphatidylserine experienced about 30% more time before exhaustion, while the placebo group experienced no change. (258)

Inhibit Exercise-Induced Increase in Cortisol Levels

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study using healthy male volunteers (ages 24-42), performed three sessions of bicycle ergometer tests at one-week intervals. As expected, the physical exercise resulted in a significant increase in ACTH and cortisol levels in the placebo group. However, the group that received phosphatidylserine found significant suppression in ACTH and cortisol response to exercise. (134)

Reduction in blood cortisol and ACTH levels in the subjects taking phosphatidylserine appears to show that phosphatidylserine counteracts stress-induced activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in humans. (216)

(PS) in Flavay Plus® significantly inhibits stress- and exercise-induced increases in cortisol. (134)

Chart of phosphatidylserine supplementation shows phosphatidylserine inhibits stress- induced and exercise-induced increases in cortisol.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® significantly inhibits ACTH and cortisol (stress-induced and exercise-induced hormones) in exercise. (134)

Another double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study was conducted on healthy male athletes. Blood samples were taken at (1) rest, (2) after a 15-minute moderately intense exercise on a cycle ergometer, and (3) during a 65-minute passive recovery period. After ten sessions in ten days, results showed that cortisol levels were significantly reduced in the phosphatidylserine group, testosterone was significantly increased and the ratio between the two hormones was significantly elevated in the phosphatidylserine group. (216)

Chart of phosphatidylserine supplementation shows phosphatidylserine inhibits stress- induced and exercise-induced increases in cortisol.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® significantly increased testosterone levels and significantly reduced cortisol levels in response to exercise. (8 Flavay Plus® per day) (216)

Chart of phosphatidylserine supplementation shows phosphatidylserine inhibits stress- induced and exercise-induced increases in cortisol.

(PS) in Flavay Plus® significantly increased the ratio of testosterone-to-cortisol levels in response to exercise—indicating a reduction in exercise-related stress and improved recovery. (216)

Testosterone, Cortisol and ACTH

Over-training is a natural hazard of competitive sports. During the early stages, your muscles ache, your heart rate and cortisol levels increase, and testosterone levels fall especially in male athletes. Your body can recover after a few days of rest but chronic over-training often causes an unhealthy ratio of the anabolic (muscle-building) hormone, testosterone, to the catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormone, cortisol.

So it's an athlete's challenge to optimize the ratio of steroid hormones testosterone and cortisol. Also adrenocortiocotropic hormones (ACTH), because ACTH levels increase after exercise and that leads to higher cortisol levels. This is why some athletes will use anabolic steroids (testosterone and its precursors) in order to build testosterone and inhibit cortisol levels. But long-term use of anabolic steroids can result in infertility and an increase risk of severe liver tumors, kidney disorders, heart disease and other health problems.

The good news is Flavay Plus® with phosphatidylserine is an effective non-drug and safe alternative in normalizing cortisol levels for athletes. (134)

My psychologist husband told me that the difference in my behavior and focus is huge since taking Flavay and Flavay Plus. I am definitely ADD but was never diagnosed as a child. He is amazed at the changes in me, as am I.
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I just wanted to write and say WOW... I was so skeptical of your product at first and really had a negative attitude when I started taking it. I am a 40 yr old female with anxiety, mild ADHD and a host of arthritis and inflammation issues. It was a struggle for me to get out of bed everyday and focus on what needed to be done. I had no focus, no attention span, no energy, and no desire to do anything. About a week into taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, I started noticing that I could think a little clearer. My rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups weren't so bad, though I still have them. feeling better, and having more energy. I never thought I would feel like my old self again. I don't know exactly how you do it,...but this stuff works! I am telling all of my friends to try it because you've given me my old life back! Thank you! —Ms. L.A.*

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I know taking vitamins is good for you but this is much more than that. Because of taking Flavay and Flavay Plus I experience substantial improvement in mental sharpness, acuity and in the ability to react quickly and stay on top of situations while auto racing. —dentist*

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Flavay really helped me with my acne and it really calmed me down. I was very stress-free when I was taking it. —Ms. M.B.*

I've been taking 4 Flavay per day for about a month and the thing I really did notice is my stress level is really good. I've had a lot of unusual stress and with the Flavay I'm handling the stress a whole lot better. —Ms. S.M.*

My sister, Dianne, is doing awesome on Flavay. She recently did her 3rd week of house cleaning (6 hours, once a week), and came home with great energy - didn’t have to rest at all. —Mr. Al L.*

In taking Flavay and Flavay Plus I really notice in my concentration. It seems to help with that. I can tell a difference. Also, I feel like I look younger when I'm taking Flavay, in my skin and hair, it looks better. I've noticed a big difference in my sleep, I sleep better and I have more energy. Flavay is a wonderful product! —Ms. Lisa L.*

I used Flavay for almost three months and it was great. I had so much energy with it. —Ms. S.W.*

I want to thank your company for Flavay Plus. My aunt and grandmother had Alzheimer’s. In my early 50’s I was beginning to experience some memory problems, but not anymore, and I'm grateful. —Ms. Lynne M.*

I've got to have my Flavay. Keeps me going. Keeps me young. 4 Flavay every day. —Mr. C.S.*

I started taking Flavay and Flavay Plus for depression in January of this year. I’m very satisfied to have no withdrawal periods and no depression. I know it works because I stopped taking the products and my husband said he could tell the difference, that I wasn't 'as nice a person' when I didn't take them. And I could tell, too. So I started taking them again. —Ms. E.R.*

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